Photographer Ido Lavi, Laisha Magazine

For the last 17 years I have been working to strengthen the positive body image of women and girls. I am a self-taught group facilitator, and founder of the "Changing Model."


In this program, I meet you “up close and personally” and share my insights and knowledge of the beauty industry as together we begin to build a positive self image. The meetings are held in the framework of lectures and workshops.

I used to be an international supermodel. In the not too distant past, I co-founded "Your Track" - a workshop and lecture project for women and girls, to increase self confidence and improve body image.

Before that I wrote the book "The Beautiful Women" about eating problems, published by Yedioth Ahronoth; I created a partnership and set up a television program on parenting; I produced a documentary film for YES. In short, I was an entrepreneur out to change the world!  

Over the years, during the encounters I had with 
thousands of people from diverse
backgrounds, the births of my children, non-stop reading and analyzing, the following questions crystallized: What motivates us? What gives us self-confidence? What helps us accept our bodies in different stages of life? 


The "Changing Model" is my collection of personal answers to these questions. If there is anything I am sure of, in all of this uncertainty we call everyday life, looking like you just stepped out of a magazine does not contribute to self-confidence or joy. Then what does? Knowing yourself with all of your conflicts and complexities and blossoming from them; self acceptance, setting appropriate goals, and creating balance in your life.

Every woman has her own way of actualizing a strong internal balance that will accompany her throughout her day and improve her life experience. Together, we can identify and internalize this source of power!


After a personal journey in which I gradually developed and grew step by step, I carefully constructed a worldview based on knowledge in my field. Then I realized my dream and created a Changing Model - a center for lectures, workshops, unique and experiential programs, and a source of information on everything related to: 

1. Diversity and expansion of the ideal of beauty

2. Changing the consciousness of girls and women in relation to their bodies

resulting in the building of internal resilience and creating a positive body image


My "credo" is creating a common space that will be:

Personal - change will result from personal work within the group, inclusion,

empathy and listening to the story of every one

Self confident – building a strong sense of security that will enable one to open up,

share, and be helped

Open minded - open, creative, and constantly evolving