“At 16 I was a successful model in Milano and those in the know said I would become a top model; that I would work with the best designers; that I would be in Vogue and Elle. But there were just a few centimeters separating me from the truly unusual success that awaited me. It was an Italian stylist who looked at me with such disdain that as soon as it had happened, something inside me changed and from that moment on I embarked on a series of difficult diets. A little later I became a top model but shortly thereafter a deep chasm opened up inside of me.”

Maayan Keret

The dominant model of beauty is very limited. If only society and culture were to promote different kinds of beauty, more women and girls would be satisfied with their outward appearances. But that is not the case. In advertisements, fashion shows, movies and performances, those who appear happy and fashionable are mainly women with specific measurements, facial features, skin tones and hair types.

Fashion projects that present women who appear to be different from the prevailing norm of beauty are a curiosity that usually does not take root. As a result, girls who are in the early stages of self-image formation and in the throes of experiencing the dramatic period in which their adult body is taking form, can feel insecure, frustrated, disappointed, have a low self-worth, and more. Such feelings can lead to difficulties in social settings, isolation, only partially realizing one’s potential in school, and dangerous eating disorders.

This situation must stop! Only when we understand the commercial benefits of promoting limited and specific models of beauty can we break free of them and love authentic beauty. Pretty women and girls come in so many shapes and sizes. When we learn how to love ourselves, separate from the problematic system of the beauty industry, we will be able to enjoy a positive body image. 

Remember, positive body image, according to recent 

studies, is closely related to high self-worth and general psychological well being.


To this end, I established my own personal transformation project and turned it into my life’s work. I, Maayan Keret, entrepreneur, writer, former international model and certified group facilitator, offer you a meeting or series of meetings that will change the way you think about external appearance and beauty, and help you understand the cultural and social background that influence your outlook. I believe that our connection to body and appearance needs to be reworked in a more enabling way;  that there is room to formulate a different thinking, a new generation, of girls who love themselves and appreciate the variety of appearances in this world. Change will be a natural by product of this new thinking. In my work I have witnessed the initial budding of this transformation and I am proud to lead this movement for a pluralistic and modern take on beauty and body image.

On this site you will find details about the workshops I give as well as links to lectures, articles and pictures. Most importantly, you can contact me with any question. I promise to answer as soon as possible.

Love each and every one of you,