In the lectures, I present my personal story and expand upon it with professional knowledge.

As a trained group facilitator I adjust it to the audience in attendance

 Lecture for girls  /  Mixed lecture for girls and boys  /  Lecture for women  /  Lecture for the general public  /  A lecture for professionals who work with youth:  teachers, social workers, counselors


Culture, environment and media – their influences on the female body image.

A mixed lecture for young women and men/ a lecture for girls only/ a lecture for the general public. Lectures are adapted to the age of the audience.

My personal story is recounted in this lecture as a parallel to the broader story within society: the story of a girl who grew up in nature, far away from the “thin culture” who became a world renowned model touring all the world capitals and along the way learned to suppress her own logic and conform to the desired standards. The deterioration and breakdown, and eventually the transformation that came about through deep insights channeling weakness to strength that will empower girls and women around the world. The story of a life’s journey with a mission.

Additional topics included in this lecture:

  • What changes have come about in the world view of “ideal beauty” and what other changes still need to occur? What are the social, cultural and financial reasons for a single model of beauty?

  • The transition from societal to personal – how does one do this? How does one begin to change their point of view; why is it important and how does it contribute to everyone around the world who has a host of conflicting and confusing images from social media along with societal pressures?

  • How does one deal with bullying around the issue of external appearance?

  • How does one uncover their internal strengths and build self-confidence?

  • How do we change this ideal for once and for all for ourselves and others?


Lecture for professionals working with youth.

Teachers, social workers, counselors.

“Even when I’m starving during recess, I wait for the class to begin and take a seat at the back of the room. Only once the teacher begins speaking and all the students are facing her, do I dare eat, and I do so very quickly.”

An 8th grade girl from a community at the Shomron

"In order to reduce this phenomenon, intervention is required that emphasizes building strengths rather than reducing risk factors. Such intervention improves effectiveness and increases the chances of creating a positive body image, the acceptance of one’s body as it is and the acquiring of strengths.”

AED – Academy of Eating Disorders

“The Last Word on Prevention” January 27, 2016


The discourse on body image is currently bubbling in the media and in the contemporary world: fat-phobia, plus size models and the constant worship of thinness. This is the time to "strike while the iron is hot" and talk to the girls and boys about what really bothers them, about what keeps them awake at night and often damages these important years when their foundations are built for life. In fact, Israel is the first of 44 countries in which the pressure to be thin also finds expression through dangerous diets.


This is where I come in. I come to this with a sense of responsibility, without talking about eating disorders, and with a great deal of experience. I will share with you my personal insights gained from my acquaintance with thousands of girls all over the country and the world; I will share with you what I have learned from the most up-to-date research on the subject and from the support I have gotten from professionals in the field. We will delve deeper into the sensitive and complex subject - a positive body image. That is my mission.



“.. When he looks into my eyes and tells me that he thinks he is falling in love with me, I am thinking: Is my hair sitting properly on my forehead? How about my eye makeup – I think I didn’t put on enough this morning. How about my eyelashes? Are they properly curled? I pray that my blouse isn’t clinging to my stomach. And that is just the beginning of the long list of my inner thoughts….” Yael, age 31


As a result of thousands of encounters I have had with women and girls, I have come to a profound understanding of the phenomenon of women's chronic dissatisfaction with their bodies. Once I realized that this frustration encompasses a wide range of women in various stages of life, I developed a lecture for both women and men.

The lecture includes many topics such as: the representation of women in the media, self-confidence, a healthy self-image and the connection between them. It is also a lecture about a personal story: taking weakness and converting it into strength for living. The lecture invites an open discourse in a safe environment in which all participants, female and male, can strengthen themselves and their self-perception as well as share experiences from their own lives.

Lecture Objectives:

  • Expanding and diversifying the ideal of beauty.

  • Building self-image as a result of individual and authentic thinking.

  • Dealing with negative body image using newfound introspection and reinforcing the inner self.

  • A call to change one’s perspective using a positive atmosphere of strength and optimism.

  • Experiential quiet time for gaining strength and hearing one’s personal voice.