Photographer Michael Topyol 

"Maayan Keret, who was doing shows in Paris and Milan even before doing her matriculation exams, was part of the international fashion industry, and joined the hungry models eating ice and chewing her fingernails. Then, after paying a heavy price both physically and mentally, she has become a guide to girls navigating their way through the contemporary jungle of body image. She is smart, articulate, soft and determined to change awareness. She is on fire with a mission that burns eternally in her soul… In a flowery field in Tuscany in the midst of a photo shoot for Dolce and Gabbana, she made a decision that is now engraved in her soul forever."


Anat Lev Adler

"Maayan, you are simply a gift for every girl, young lady and woman who has the privilege of meeting you! You are incredible in that regardless of your achievements you are accessible to all. Your lecture expands the heart and quiets the inner turmoil. I put you up there with the greatest lecturers I’ve ever heard at the university."

Rotem Schreiber,

Ben-Gurion University

"I must share with you that I am still thinking about yesterday – there was so much truth, so much information. I must come back and hear the whole thing all over again! I felt so empowered when I left, it validated everything I had been feeling until now."

Lauren Stern,

18 year old Bloger

"Hi Maayan, some of our campus leaders and your presentation were incredibly engaging and really made me consider the ways in which I think about my own body. In the past week, countless friends who attended the event have come up to me telling me how much they enjoyed your input, and multiple classes have continued the conversation you started by offering extra credit for writing an essay about your speech."



Peri Feldstein,

Washington University, 2017

“You were amazing, and all the teachers were impressed by your seriousness yet gentle and smart approach in your workshop and how you relate to what the girls had to say.  You are doing very important work!”

Inbal Rahat,

Ort Geulah, Tel Aviv

"In your special, honest and professional way, you provided us with a glimpse into your personal journey. Every gesture of your body language says "I care", "It’s important to me". Gracefully and pleasantly you succeeded in touching upon complex and contemporary issues such as the thinness model in the era of the media and its impact on young girls."

Nessia Boaz,

Director of the Naamat Hasharon College

"With extraordinary courage revealed what goes on behind the glamor: the anorexia from which she and her friends suffered; the exploitation and distorted ideal of beauty that serves commercial and chauvinistic interests. Since then, she is leading a determined struggle in this industry (I am not prepared to call it a "beauty industry," if anything, I would define it as "the industry of ugliness"), which causes women, teenage girls (and now also younger girls) to develop eating disorders and have such a poor image of their bodies. Among her accomplishments, are publishing a revealing book "The Beautiful Women," creating a hotline  for girls who are victims of body image problems, and setting up the initiative of "Your Track" whose goal is to change this horrific ideal of beauty. She came to us to encourage others to join in her struggle. Maayan is a beautiful woman in every sense of the word and in the purest meaning of this term."

 Professor Yuval Elbashan

“Maayan, in the short time I have come to know you, you are my inspiration as a strong woman, a hero, and you do everything on our level with a lot of gentleness and empathy.”

Roza Elizera,

Director of Woman’s Center

"Maayan a graceful, intelligent and experienced lecturer who speaks to the girls frankly and openly. Maayan talks about the very important issues that girls face, such as body image, the model of beauty in the media and more - with great responsibility and sensitivity. 
The girls in our school benefited greatly from the lecture and its interesting and inspiring story. "

Hagit Beck,

Director of aMunicipal Division in Tel Aviv 

"Dear Maayan, I had heard many good things about you and the workshop even before you arrived, and yet it exceeded all of my expectations! First of all, the materials you brought along fascinated and excited our girls (and us, the counselors). You interwove vast amounts of information and knowledge you have gleaned with your personal experience, all of which combined to bring about a strong sense of empowerment and feminine power. And above all – you are one-of-a-kind, a woman of character, gentle, pleasant, giving and accepting ... may you continue to touch the hearts of girls and boys in your special way! Lots of love."

Tzlil Dinai Levy,

Southern Sharon Council

“Maayan, we, the girls of Girls Leading Change, want to thank you for helping us convey the message "girls create reality" to the rest of the city's girls. Thus giving us the opportunity to empower ourselves and our environment and to lead a social change of equality, growth and success. Thank you, you are turning our dream into a reality. "

Girls Day 2010,

Girls Leading Change,

Kfar Saba Municipality

" WIZO Israel, winner of the Israel Prize, thanks you from the bottom of our heart for your tremendous contribution to the success of the 'Like New' event ... Maayan Keret, thank you very much, you conquered the stage our hearts. "

Yochi Feller,

Chairperson WIZO Israel

"I share the participants' hopes that the Israeli media will stop the trend that sanctifies extreme thinness and encourages it with various programs and advertisements. From the reactions that were shared with me after the conclusion of the panel discussion, I can say that, aside from being interesting, it had great professional, ethical and social importance. "

"Thinness Is Not Everything"

Spokesperson for Maccabi Health Services 2006,

with MK Zahava Gal-On